Max Loove – Rolento Intensive


19th FEBRUARY 2023 | ROME

ROLENTO INTENSIVE | 1 class - 2 hours

DROP - Largo Lido Duranti, 1 - Roma | Start 15:00

One of a kind intensive workshop with Rolento Ambassador Max Loove straight from France.

Origin of Rolento
About the name Rolento, Max explains that the inhabitants of Martinique called this dance “pas de dance hall martiniquais”. The name Rolento for this dance would therefore have come later to Martinique. It would come from the deformation of the name “Heel and Toe”, a Jamaican dance hall step (which comes from a C-Walk step).

The “Heel and Toe” is therefore the first dance step that Martinican dancers used to build the foundations of the Rolento dance in 2003, according to Maxime.

The first appearance of this dance in the image was in a music video for X-Man T-gy and Mighty killa.


Il costo del workshop è di 30 euro. Una volta effettuata la registrazione compilando il modulo sottostante, verrai reindirizzato automaticamente sulla pagina che ti permetterà di effettuare il pagamento.